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frequently asked questions

Last Updated on June 06, 2017

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There may be different reasons why this might have happened. Generally, it's because you haven't confirmed registration or you didn't enter all the required fields. Perhaps your registration confirmation expired.
Or maybe you tried too many times with an incorrect email, user name or password.

Contact us immediately or create a support ticket so we can fix it.

I checked out and can't find my download.
I'm having trouble registering
Why do I have to Register?
My free orders show as canceled.

Embroidery File Help

What are Embroidery Files?
Embroidery files are loaded into embroidery machines. They are a set of instructions to the machine on how to sew a particular design. Embroidery formats listings provide different sized letters in individual files. Each digitized file is sewn and tested to work on standard material. We use lots of underlay and close stitch spacing for good coverage. You may need embroidery software to group the letters into one monogram. (see recommendations below)
Can I resize Embroidery Files?
Do you sell BX files?

Vector SVG Help

What are vector or SVG files.

SVG stands for Scaleable Vector Graphics and is also a very popular file extension for vector files. Other popular extensions are EPS, AI, DXF, and PDF.

Vector graphics are a series of points, lines, arcs and other geometric shapes. They are the original graphic files of most illustrations that can be manipulated using graphic software. We recommend using graphic software such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to manipulate our files.

The vector alphabets we sell provide the entire alphabet grouped in one file to save space. You will need graphic software to open or import the file format you need, and then ungroup the shapes. Copy, Paste, Resize as needed.

Why are the vector alphabets grouped into one file?
After I ungroup the vector alphabet, it's also breaking the letter apart.